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Welcome to the world of Freddie’s Friends! June 30, 2008

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Freddie and his Friends live in Jumber Jumber land.  Jumber Jumber land is a very happy place where the sun shines (most of the time anyway) and everyone is always happy and friendly and they like to live life to the max.

Freddie is a really friendly chap and he has lots and lots of friends in Jumber Jumber land.  He and his friends like to play football, do the gardening and have lots of coffee and cake and a good old gossip.  All the friends like to try different hobbies all the time, so things are always changing for them and they like it that way – why be boring when you can have fun instead!

This is the Freddie’s Friends blog.  Here you will find all the latest news about Freddie and his friends, so make sure you login regularly to catch up on all their latest adventures.  You can find stockists in the blogroll on the right hand side of the page.

If you would like further information on Freddie’s Friends or would like to be added to our stockists list please email us at




3 Responses to “Welcome to the world of Freddie’s Friends!”

  1. Babs Smith Says:

    I love freddies friends as a few of them have come on holiday to scotland
    They are great fun and they work very well with me I am enjoying spending crafting time with each of them I am hoping the others will join me soon I am very convinced that they will I am back of to play with Freddies friends I played football this afternoon I hope I am out for a berer tonight to help me recover for another spell tomorrow luv Babs xx

  2. Babs Smith Says:

    do not publish Freddie can you change that word to beer for me

  3. Denise Says:

    Well I’ve just been into my craft room and found I have a squatter. He’s just set up a Bar on my craft table. Sorry I can’t stay and chat but I have a mission to accomplish. This beer drinking squatter must be put in his place…………….
    And his place is on a Brotherly Birthday Card.

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